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Sync Music Mondays - The 5 W's

In this episode of Sync Music Mondays K. Sparks and JS aka The Best discuss their passion for Music Licensing, and helping artist get music in TV & Film.

Are you a musician seeking to get your music in Television & Film? Rhythm Couture is proud to present Sync Music Mondays. A podcast dedicated to financial literacy for musicians in regards to monetizing their music, and how to get sync placements.

In this episode Co-Host K. Sparks & JS aka The Best discuss The 5 W's. The who, what, when, where, and why in regards to Sync Music Mondays. K and J breakdown the reason behind Sync Music Mondays and why they want to help educate artists in regards to Music Licensing and Sync Placements.

Music Licensing is multi-million dollar industry. Sync Music Mondays educates musicians in regards to sync music, music supervisors, performing rights organizations, how to pitch music, and much more!

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