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Spotlight Interview: Genique

Rhythm Couture recently sat down with the newest artist to sign to our roster. Genique is a multi talented musician with a diverse catalog of great music. She's on pace to make great waves within the music placement industry. Get to know her in this up close interview.

What is your name, and where are you from? My name is Genique and I am from Queens New York. I was born in Florida but raised in Jamaica for a large portion of my childhood. 

When did you start in the music industry, and what type of music do you create? 

I started singing from a very young age but began taking music seriously in college, my freshman year around 2013. I haven't stopped since. I create rap, R&B, and dancehall.

What do you feel is the importance of music in today’s media, such as YouTube, television, film, etc? The world runs on music. That perfect song is always needed for that scene or just to fill the silence and what better way than music? It has the power to evoke emotion and a deep connection to anything you are watching.

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment and why? My biggest accomplishment thus far is being able to be a full time teacher and a full time artist. I am a 6th grade science teacher at a charter school and I have kept up performing, promoting, writing and recording my music without missing a beat in either one of my professions. So that means a lot to me and speaks to the discipline I didn't know I had.

What upcoming projects are you working on, and any last words for the Rhythm Couture audience? I have a few singles on the way and the music videos to match which I am very excited about so stay tuned for that. I also released an EP last year that I would love for everyone to go checkout. It's called "Nasty", and it's something special. 

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