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Spotlight Interview: Andrew Gower

Rhythm Couture is proud to announce Andrew Gower has been added to our roster of dynamic musicians. Andrew Gower is a composer/producer/engineer based in Nashville, TN. He attended Berklee College of Music and Full Sail University earning a degree in Recording Engineering. He has worked in many areas of the AV industry during his professional career including location

recording, studio wiring, acoustics, AV system design, and mixing sound for NFL, NHL, MLB,

PGA, and NASCAR. Since 2017 he has focused on composing music for visual media and

recently had his music featured on abc's The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart. Get to know him in this featured interview.

What is your name, and where are you from? My name is Andrew Gower and I'm from Nashville, TN.

When did you start in the music industry, and what type of music do you create? I got started in the industry over 20 years ago after studying music at Berklee College of Music and audio engineering and Full Sail University. My first jobs were wiring recording studios all around Nashville. I've been working mostly in the technical side of the industry doing installs, system design, and mixing live events. Since 2017, I've focused on creating music for visual media. I compose a variety of styles, but all electronic and all "in-the-box".

What do you feel is the importance of music in today’s media, such as YouTube, television, film, etc? I feel music is a key component in all media. There's a magic that happens when beautiful visuals are combined with the right music. It's a perfect example of the idea that "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts".

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment and why? I recently had one of my songs used on the season 1 fanale of abc's The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart. As an artist, you start on this journey of creating and sharing your art with absolutely no guarantee that anyone will like it or let alone pay for it. It often takes years of just constantly making music and putting it out there before getting any validation, so getting my first placement on a prime time network tv show was a huge deal for me.

What upcoming projects are you working on, and any last words for the Rhythm Couture audience? I'm currently working on an EP project with the great vocalist Gabrielle Solair. The songs we're writing are really special and I can't wait to see where they end up. Success is built on great relationships, and working with a great company like Rhythm Couture is a key part of ensuring your project will be successful. 

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