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Spotlight Interview: Phlocalyst

Phlocalyst is a Flemish producer working in Germany as a classical trumpet player. Next to playing orchestra and composing contemporary music, he has a passion for Jazz and Hip Hop, creating Lofi and Jazz-Hop beats on a regular basis. To date he has amassed millions of streams across multiple platforms such as Spotify, Tidal, iTunes and etc.

What is your name, and where are you from? Michiel De Vleeschhouwer / Phlocalyst, Flemish beatmaker Born in Sevilla, currently living in Munich.

When did you start in the music industry, and what type of music do you create? I started playing the trumpet at the age of 5 and always had the dream to become a professional trumpet player. During my musical studies “Phlocalyst” became an alter ego that helped me expand my view on the orchestral world. Classical music and instrumental hiphop melted into each other and soon enough everything fell into place. Today I’m working as an orchestral trumpet player in Munich and produce and play beatsets in my free time.

What do you feel is the importance of music in today’s media, such as youtube, television, film, etc? I think nowadays everyone can use media (especially social media) better than ever before to promote and present themselves. If you manage to find your own sound and create the music you love, you should use every resource in order to get your music to where it deserves to be.

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment and why? Definitely to have won the fix job as a trumpet player. It’s something I’ve worked for all my life, and finally I’m at the point where I don’t have to stare into the future. I can live my life without any existential struggle and really focus on the things I love.

What upcoming projects are you working on, and any last words for the Rhythm Couture audience? Right now I’m taking a small break. I just finished a 12 track album, 3 EP’s and a couple of singles, so there’s enough coming up the next couple of months and I’m very satisfied with the results. In a couple of weeks I will start working on a full album with K.Sparks, that’s something to look forward to. There will always be people who admire your work, and people who are eager to see you fail. Don’t try to make an impression. Just work hard, be patient and never give up. Once your moment is there no one can take it away from you.

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