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Rhythm Couture Presents Sync Music Mondays

Music Licensing is a multi-million dollar industry. Commercial campaigns can often pay artist anywhere from $20K – $150K+ to use their music. Films can often pay anywhere from $10K – $80K. For years artist have struggled to break into this lucrative industry. Despite the past challenges artist have faced, we have created a solution to this problem.

Rhythm Couture Presents Sync Music Mondays - Hosted By K. Sparks & JS aka The Best

Sync Music Mondays is a weekly educational podcast that discusses all things Music Licensing. Various topics included such as how to get your music in TV & Film, Music Supervisors, contractual agreements, song structure, and etc to help musicians get success while generating revenue from their music.

K. Sparks and JS aka The Best are both music licensing industry veterans that have had their music placed in over 2,000 outlets that include Nike, Netflix, NBC, BET, POWER, MLB, PlayStation, Monster Energy, Powerade, Calvin Klein, Reebok, Grubhub, Oscar Mayer, American Idol, Samsung, Cartoon Network, Comcast, Vogue Magazine, Sports Illustrated, PBS, Marie Claire, VANS, Forever 21, Disney, NHL, VICE, PGA, FOX, UFC, NASCAR, Starbucks + More.

The weekly classes will be free for all musicians. To sign up for free access visit

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