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New Artist Alert: BABA Sounds

Furkan Sakizli aka BABA Sounds was born in Stuttgart, Germany. He is a multi-faceted musician, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist that studied sound engineering at London Metropolitan University through HOFA College in Germany 2018.

BABA Sounds started creating music at the age of 6 with Turkish guitar (baglama), classical violin, and later on acoustic guitar.

In 2018 BABA Sounds founded the content creation Agency Red Tincture - Design Lab and an independent label Tas Plak Yapim | Grand Rhapsody 1877 in Germany and Turkey with two business partners.

Since then, BABA Sounds produces more than 15 common genres like Hip Hop, Pop, R ́n ́B, Tech House, Deep House, Future Bass, Film Scores, etc. The highest quality is what he continues to demonstrate.

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Pedro Reis
Pedro Reis
May 29, 2021


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