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New Artist Alert: Aaron Davison

Aaron Davison is a Berklee College of Music Alumnus and singer/songwriter/guitarist from Chicago, IL. Aaron has performed in a variety of bands and musical projects in the Chicago area and throughout the Midwest, including the jam bands URB, Continuum and Peacock Theory.In 2012, Aaron shifted his focus to writing and recording music for TV. Since then, Aaron’s music has been heard hundreds of times on a variety of tv shows, commercials and video games, including The Young & The Restless, All My Children, Fox Sports, MLB Whip Around, The US Open, Rangers Insider, Sydney Weekender, Totally Wild, ABC World News Now, The Middle, The Herd, The Great Christmas Light Fight, Mary Poppins, Catch & Release, and many more.Aaron has released six EPS since 2011, including two new releases in 2020, the instrumental, ambient guitar album “Chill” and his latest release, the nine song vocal EP, “2022”. Aaron has spent the duration of the 2020 Pandemic lock-down writing new music and recording and performing virtually in the Caribbean with his quarantine side project, Bandits Of The Apocalypse, a group of musician friends who all found themselves stuck in the Caribbean due to the Covid pandemic.

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