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Who Are We?

We create the colorfully expressive backdrop, interpretive musical signature and sound synergy that surrounds and excites your creative concept, your advertising/promotional and marketing vision; delivering on our promise of a captivating and memorable product messaging experience, uniquely created to embrace and stimulate the palate of your target consumer audience.


Our eclectic, experienced roster of professional musicians, Euterpe herself has commissioned: Grammy Award-winning artists and composers of compositions across a wide swath of musical projects inclusive of numerous corporations. The Rhythm Couture production team consists of talented artists: songwriters, producers, and musicians all replete with extensive portfolios. 


RhythmCouture Recording Studios: two locations based in New York and Vermont. We proffer expertise in music licensing and musical solutions across all multimedia platforms.

Kyle Hunter and Robert Ronci, Co-Owners, have paired their formidable musical repertoires and talent affiliations from around the globe to bring a distinctive differentiation to the music product placement space. Our range of clients include Calvin Klein, Les Mills, The New York Times, Vans, Forever 21, Marie Claire + more.


"When your message and the music really matters"

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