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Crowdfunding License

$150.00        1-10k crowdfunding goal

$350.00        10-25k crowdfunding goal

$450.00        25-50k crowdfunding goal

$550.00        50-250k crowdfunding goal


  • Grants the right to use a track in one crowdfunding campaign video, on crowdfunding platforms only, such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Indiegogo

  • Perpetual license for the crowdfunding campaign 

  • World wide web on crowdfunding platforms only 


License does not Include: Advertisement or promotion of any product, service, or brand, except for the crowdfunding campaign. Use in a media buy, such as pre-roll, post-roll, or pop-up ad. Use in broadcast television, theatre advertisements, or DVD release. Use in more than one single video. This license is tied to the crowd funding campaign only, and cannot be used once the campaign is over.

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